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What Does Shopify Plus Vs. BigCommerce Have in Common?

For owners of fast-growing online brands whose sales are going through the roof, enterprise-level service providers will soon be the best way to go. They ensure that your website is not overwhelmed by the climbing traffic, and help you introduce your product to international markets. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are the biggest providers of enterprise-level e-commerce solutions. They go head-to-head on most SAAS expert ratings and are trusted by various high-value clients such as Tesla and Ford.

Scalability is an essential factor to consider while deciding on which one to choose. Both Shopify and BigCommerce run in over 150 countries globally, but Shopify has generated over 600 billion dollars in sales while BigCommerce has only made 9 billion. So where does the difference come in?

  1. Content Delivery Networks

These are facilities put in place to deliver images and videos as fast as possible on your website to increase its response speed. They use features called ‘nodes’ to bring the content to your customer’s screen. The closer the nodes are to the end-user, the shorter the distance the data will travel and thus, the less the time is taken. Shopify has a global CDN called Fastly that works across the world while BigCommerce only has nodes in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo.

  1. Storefront Response

How fast does your website load when clicked on? Speed is an essential factor to consider while deciding on a service provider. The last thing a potential client need is to waste time staring at a blank screen waiting for your sluggish webpage. They will leave your page and go to a faster, more efficient one. Shopify Plus’ average response time is 45 milliseconds while that of BigCommerce is 179 milliseconds.

  1. Customization Facilities

The ability to tailor your online platform cannot be ignored. It gives you a chance to show off your brand, and use its unique characteristics to pique your potential clients’ attention. Shifting to an enterprise-level e-commerce provider will open up more options to further customize your site. Shopify Plus has special scripts called Shopify Scripts that

Your developers can use to customize your shopping carts and checkout options further.

Shopify Plus’ numbers show its impressive ability to not only cope with a growing number of site visitors but also to keep them interested in what your site has to offer. Shopify plus wins in this category.