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How to Sell with BigCommerce and Shopify Plus in the UK

As BigCommerce and Shopify become more of a presence within the United Kingdom, there are more and more retailers who feel that switching from other platforms to Shopify and BigCommerce might be a great option for them! Here is how to sell in the UK!

Selling online in the UK has never been easier, thanks to Shopify and BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are two of the most popular ecommerce solutions for enterprises and stores that sell thousands of products.

As BigCommerce and Shopify become more of a presence within the United Kingdom, more and more retailers have decided to switch from other platforms.

Both Shopify and Bigcommerce label themselves as a solution for scalable and fast-growing businesses.

You have all the shipping options offered to you that a European or US webstore would have including shipping by weight, flat rate shipping, and store collection. The values are listed in pounds which is helpful for your UK customers.

What is even greater for Shopify and BigCommerce UK retailers and business owners is that you can find partners and web developers to collaborate with. There are lots of reliable and professional partners available within the UK. You can easily get in touch with them (there is a system to show you which partners are best in each area).

With Shopify, you can easily target local customers in advertising. You can use Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to target specific audiences and attract new visitors to your store.

The Shopify platform allows you to create local stores which can double your ROI with paid marketing campaigns. In other words – you will spend less but convert more.

If you want to set up multiple region stores, you need to get another Shopify account (if your current store is, now you can register for the UK). The customers won’t notice this, however, it is important for keeping your system neat on the backend.

You can also duplicate your store (duplicate your theme, your products, localize the pricing, localize the general settings, migrate your page content, and make sure your page content links to your store).

The UK retailers and businesses can take advantage of a whole set of features that both Shopify and BigCommerce have to offer!

Set up your UK online store today! It is time to go big and expand your business!