3 Dispelling Myths Of Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

Managing an enterprise e-commerce business can be a challenging task. You can start this business successful but lose it due to errors. In current days, the most significant way to stay ahead of your competitors is by creating a robust online presence. Thus, the scalability feature is essential because your store will not collapse. But many entrepreneurs wonder how they are going to create an online store that is highly scalable. Some two large enterprise e-commerce platforms will help you with this. They include Shopify plus and BigCommerce. They are reliable when it comes to scalability to allow your store to grow together with your business. Also, the two platforms have advanced features that will enhance your business growth. Nevertheless, some myths about these platforms can make you run a business of less functionality. Hence, you need to be aware of them. 

With Shopify plus and BigCommerce, you will not require to market your products

A great way to improve your business growth is by marketing your products. Shopify plus and BigCommerce comes with great marketing tools. They have the SEO feature that will enable you to reach the search engine users. This feature plays a crucial role in enhancing the ranking of your store on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because millions of customers believe in finding a reliable seller in these places, you will sell quickly and increase sales.

Also, these two enterprise e-commerce platforms have a social media icon. It will allow you to convey a crucial message to a massive number of users. However, having the marketing tools does not mean you will not need to market your products. Marketing is not all about sending a message and waiting for customers to make purchases. You need to know the places to find your target customers and tell them more about your products. You can achieve this by using quality images as well as engaging content.

Putting more effort in enhancing the customers’ experience is not necessary because Shopifyplus and BigCommerce comes with features that will provide better services to your customers

This myth makes millions of retailers lack customers to purchase their products. As you know, everyone loves to shop from a store that has good services. Hence, if you fail to care for your customers’ needs, you will run a business of less growth. But it does not mean that with better features on your store, you will not require to enhance the customers’ experience. You need to give customers a priority and provide offers and promotions. Also, you can set a fair price that will favor your customers. With this, customers’ will choose you over your competitors.

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Shopify plus and BigCommerce being hosted platforms will not provide you with the freedom totake control over your online store

Having a unique way to present your products is essential because you will beat the competition. But it may be difficult to achieve this since millions of retailers are starting the enterprise e-commerce business. In this essence, you need to ensure that the platform you are using to create your store has a strong customization feature. However, this myth makes many retailers choose a platform that does not match their budget and business needs. They end up selecting one with a lot of coding which cost them millions of dollars. Shopify plus and BigCommerce are the leading hosted platforms. They come with customizable templates to allow you to make changes and come up with a unique store. You can easily add your business logo, videos, and images as well as change the color and fonts.


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Enterprise e-commerce platforms are essential because they will enable you to create an online store without using much effort. However, you need to choose one that will match your budget. Also, you require marketing the products and enhancing the customers’ experience to make them purchase more products and become repeat buyers.